Protect Your Family from Second Hand Smoke

Most people think that smoking has no effect on their bodies until they get old. This is not true as smoking does no one any good regardless of age, gender and nationality. In fact, in most parts of the world, smoking is the biggest threat to the lungs. More and more people die each year because of smoking-related diseases and complications. It is sad that this product that can kill is being sold legally in most countries not to mention the lack of information dissemination on its danger.

Smoking around your family and kids is more dangerous for them as what they inhale is a second hand smoke, a combination of the smoke you exhaled and the smoke that comes out from the burning end of your cigarette which contains harmful chemicals. This second hand smoke has twice as much tar and five times more carbon monoxide than the smoke that you inhale. Based on research, below are the chemicals that can be found from second hand smoke.

  • Benzo[a]pyrene – found in coal tar.
  • Formaldehyde – used to preserve dead bodies.
  • Ammonia – often found in dry-cleaning fluids.
  • Acetone – used a solvent and nail polish remover.
  • Carbon Monoxide – the same gas that comes out of car exhaust.
  • And other chemicals that are not for human consumption.

Just imagine the chemicals that are blown into the air, permeate your house and inhaled by your kids every time you lit a cigarette. And because your kids’ lungs are not as developed as your lungs, they are at higher risk of getting sick. It can also affect their behaviour and their ability to understand and reason. I am sure you don’t want that to happen to your kids.

I know that “to quit from smoking” is easily said than done. My father and two of my brothers used to smoke and I saw their distress from headaches, anxiety, nausea, and worst…craving for cigarette. But the electronic cigarettes helped them sustain their dependency on cigarette and in just few days, the stressful side effects fade away. They were slowly weaned from smoking until they can manage without it. The electronic cigarette is 99% safer than the tobacco smoke because instead of inhaling tar and the other junk that helps clog up the lungs and arteries, you only inhale a vapour which contains nicotine. Your health will not only improve but you can also save money that you could spend on your other household needs.

Now that there’s a way to make your home smoke-free, you can protect your family from second hand smoke and improve each family member’s health, including yours.

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  1. i should show this to my dad. ang kulit nun eh, he still keeps smoking even if we try hiding his cigarette packs. 🙁

  2. Secondary smoke is dangerous to your help. While smokers are able to vent out smoke in their systems, it’s the people who surrounds them that take it in. It would be better to avoid smoking areas or help people to stop smoking through substitution like you said of electronic cigarettes.

  3. Second hand smoke is such a bother. None of my family members smoke but we do sometimes come across people in public places who do. I get so irritated.

  4. There is enough pollution outside our homes that our family members have to contend with so I personally believe that it would be better to maintain our homes smoke-free.

  5. such really hard to stop people that get used too smoking or grew old with people around who’s smoking as well. even my husband, i always asked him to change shirts and smokded only in his room office. xx

  6. Watched my mom consume almost 2 packs a day of cigs when I was younger. Promised myself won’t do the same when I become a mom. Unfortunately, I smoke occasionally but I make sure the baby doll’s not around.

  7. Thank God, I’ve never learned how to smoke, not even my brothers and father. But this issue is a serious matter to consider. I believe it’s not really easy for chain smokers to give up smoking. Maybe they have to consider that electronic cigarette you’ve mentioned.

  8. I grew up with both parents smoking but I never got into the habit myself.

    I’ll pass on your blog to friends, who are thinking of quitting with smoking to give them some motivation to try electronic cigarettes. 🙂

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