Proper Ways To Calm A Crying Baby

One of the stressing parts of having a baby is their seemingly unending cries in the wee hours of the night while everyone else is supposedly sleeping. Worst, they will only calm down when you carry them in your arms but the moment you place them back inside their crib, they start to cry once again. That is basically common among babies. They are not oriented with the time yet and they will just wake up anytime they want. When this moment comes, all they want is to be carried by their parents. Since everyone needs rest, it is the aim of most parents to put them back to sleep the moment they wake up while you’re supposedly sleeping soundly. Bear in mind that babies won’t like it and expect an annoying cry.

ways to calm a crying baby

There are several reasons why babies cry. Crying is their only way to convey some information like discomfort, pain, hunger and any other attention-seeking situations. If you would be to know what seemed to be reason why they cried, then most likely you’d be able to calm them immediately. But since they can’t talk yet, you’d be doing a lot of trial and errors to solve it. If the baby’s hungry, feed him; if the diaper is already full, change it; and etc.

Shaking the baby to calm down is a big no-no! You might be inducing the shaken baby syndrome and you wouldn’t want it to happen to your baby. A slight and comfortable dance while carrying them would be enough but make sure you aren’t going to shake the baby tremendously.

Babies are also attached to their parents during their first few months this happened to be the stage wherein they still building trust. Don’t leave them for a long time because it is important to let them feel that their parents are just around, ready to hold them in their arms anytime.

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