Promises Are Made to Be Broken

Somehow, it is true that promises are made to be broken as I am not very good in keeping my promises sometimes. It is not because I have no one word but because of unavoidable circumstances and…okay, okay, I must admit I am not good in prioritizing as well. There are times that I promise Rhonnel to cook his favorite food or promise RJ to make her favorite dessert or play with her on weekends, but once urgent tasks are assigned to me then the promises made would be forgotten. I cannot count the times I have disappointed them most especially RJ. There are also times that I would promise to do this or that or attend to this and that, but other tasks or occasions would call my attention and I would forget about the promise. This is another bad habit that I forgot to include on my CC entry last week.

I know I should not make promises that I know I cannot keep, but sometimes the pressure of an invitation is so strong that I would say yes without knowing first if I can attend to it. So my promise is…before making any promises, I will make sure that I am capable of keeping them to the end.

As for Rhonnel, I do not know if he promised to be more romantic this year but I have noticed that he is sweeter. He hugs me and kisses me more often and sometimes calls me and asks me to lie or sit beside him then we would cuddle while he is watching on TV. Whether he made that promise or not, all I can say is I looove it!

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