Preparing for Your Daughter’s First Day

Your daughter’s first day is a truly monumental occasion. For her, it’s a time of significant physical and emotional changes; for you, it can be an overwhelming yet nostalgia-inducing realization that your little girl is now growing up.

Guiding her through this pivotal time will ensure that she develops a positive attitude towards the changes happening to her body, which she will carry until adulthood. Moreover, being open with your daughter will assure her that you are someone she can approach when she encounters any issues or problems.

Letting your daughter know that getting her period is a normal and healthy part of growing up will dissolve all her worries and help her become more comfortable as she undergoes this important phase. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for this critical time in your daughter’s life.

Know the signs. Nowadays, girls can get their periods as early as eight years old. If you notice that your daughter’s breasts are beginning to develop, or she has undergone a considerable growth spurt, then she might be approaching menarche in a few months. This will be a good time to tell her about the changes that will be taking place, and what she needs to do when they happen.

Educate her early. Don’t wait until your daughter gets her first period before educating her about the menstrual cycle. It’s important that she knows exactly what to do when the day finally comes. Additionally, you may want to clear up any misconceptions she may have gotten from her classmates and friends. Talk to her in a way that is age-appropriate; if she begins asking questions at an early age, you may answer her questions in general terms without going into overwhelming specifics.

Discuss the how’s and why’s. Inform your daughter about the basics: the reason why women get their periods, how the menstrual cycle works, and how often it occurs. Be open with her, and make sure to listen when she has any questions. Some girls may not feel comfortable talking about their period; in this case, you may want to write her a letter, or ask her to write down her worries and concerns in a note. Consider sharing with her your own experiences; she may be relieved to know that you also went through the same ups and downs she is now undergoing.

Be positive. Assure your daughter that getting her period is nothing to worry about; it’s all part of becoming a woman! Furthermore, explain to her that life doesn’t have to come to a standstill during that time of the month; with enough preparation and the right protection, she will still be able to participate in her favorite sports or activities even when she has her period.

Help her pick the right products. To ensure that your daughter is prepared for her period wherever she may be, put together a kit containing a couple of panty liners, pads, wet wipes and a change of underwear inside a discreet-looking pouch that she can carry around in her school bag or store in her locker. For the best protection, give her KOTEX® Overnight Pads with ProActive Guards that she can wear comfortably while at school or while engaged in her extracurricular activities. Furthermore, the new and improved KOTEX Overnights feature Pro-Active Guards that rise when they come in contact with fluid, keeping you worry-free and comfortable during your first day. Additionally, these pads provide her extra security during her busy days and while she sleeps.

Beginning her menstrual cycle doesn’t have to be a stressful time for your daughter. With your guidance, she will be able to cope easier with change and understand that her first period is a step towards becoming a woman.

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