Pink for Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Pink! I did not have a hard time looking for pictures with pink. Pink is RJ’s favorite color. Her things and her clothes are mostly pink.
Sometimes I want to buy her different colored tops but she insists on color pink. She said she is a girl so it must be pink. Why not? Pink represents sugar, spice and everything nice!
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  1. Indeed! My youngest also loves the color pink and tells me it is the color of girls.

    Your child looks good in pink!

  2. She's so adorable in Pink. I'm glad I don't have a girl because I definitely would not let her stuck in Pink,I'm such a cruel mom! lol!

  3. Your daughter is so pretty. Ako lang naman kasi ang girl sa family ko dito so I love to wear and be surrounded with pink. 🙂

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  4. model of pink? lol! is it her choice or yours? but most girls of her age really love pink, no wonder she's also into that color. nice post!

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