Perseverance Finally Paid Off

When RJ came home last week from school, she happily and proudly announced that she made it to Top 10. She’s the Top 9 not just in her class but in the whole grade five level. Hubby and I were thrilled with the great news. It doesn’t matter if she gets the 1st 2nd 3rd place medals or not on the recognition day. What matters is her hard work and perseverance finally paid off. Though she’s not very vocal about it, I know she is dreaming to be included in the top 10. But for hubby and me, she did good enough and we are so proud of her. Who wouldn’t be? There are six sections in grade five with 35-40 students in each section. To be ranked 9th among those students is already a big achievement.

If there’s one subject that RJ needs to concentrate on, it’s Mathematics. Just like most of us, Math is her waterloo that is why we got her a Math tutor. We don’t want to push her hard but she needs to learn the concepts of Mathematics and enhance her Math skills such as analysis, solving challenging problems, etc. She is very good in writing though. She loves to write stories and compose poems and sometimes song. Yes, she sings well and plays guitar and flute.

I still remember, she’s nearly 3 years old when she learned to read and exactly 3 years old when she first spelled simple words. She has changed a lot now.┬áThere are times that I am astounded as I hear her talk. Her widsom grows as big as she is but she remains as sweet and loving.

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  1. Wow! congrats to RJ! Mathematics is really tough and my kids are having a hard time coping this one. Sigh, I was disappointed in the first quarter this year. My children got low grades in Math.:(

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