Perfect Parents

Our parents are considered to be one of the most important people in this world. They are the reasons why we exist today and allowed us to witness the magnificent world. They have the option to abort us while when we were in our mother’s womb but they chose to give us life.

Our mothers carried us in their wombs for nine months and that is already one big sacrifice. After that they went through the unimaginable pain just to deliver us safely.

When we were born, our fathers didn’t stop finding means just to provide all our needs and including our wants just to give us a comfortable life. From the day we were born to the time we’re growing up, our parents will not get tired of providing us, taking care of us, and will not stop teaching us the lessons that we need to learn.

In this world, we have different kinds of parents. They have different parenting techniques in raising their children.

There are parents who strive hard on their work; they are those full time career parents. They want to earn good so that they can prepare a good future for their children but they tend to spend less time with them. There are also parents who are contented for what they have or just strive enough for them yet they don’t want to miss a single significant moment with their children. Those parents who want to witness every “first’s” of their kids like first time to walk, to say words, to go to school and etc.

The two situations presented above may be different scenarios of being a parent, but one thing is similar, they just want the best for their children. Moreover, no matter how different each parent raises his or her child, no one could ever tell how to do a perfect parenting technique because no one was able to become one yet.

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