The Perfect Accommodation and Itinerary for Your Holiday

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Finding one great villa or apartment in a beautiful and convenient location is hard enough but when you are planning a 2, 3 or even 4-centre holiday, the task of coming up with an enjoyable itinerary and several comfortable properties in which to stay can seem almost impossible. However, with the right tools and frame of mind, it is relatively easy to plan such a break, as I hope to demonstrate in this article. Each piece of advice below is based on situations I have encountered over the years and the ways I found to solve various problems.

1. Consider the size of each property that you rent – many people make the mistake of only looking at one detail when booking self-catering holiday accommodation: how many people it sleeps. Whilst this is of course a crucial factor, it does not tell the whole story about the size of the place in question. If you are likely to spend a fair amount of time in your vacation home during the day, you will want something with generously proportioned reception rooms not just enough bedrooms for your party. Cramped accommodation can turn what would have been a pleasant break into an absolute nightmare, even when travelling with the best of friends. Make sure you remain friends after your holiday by choosing a rental property that is big enough to provide each member of your party with the privacy they require.

2. Don’t try to do too much – it can be tempting to try to cram in as much sightseeing as possible when visiting foreign countries, especially those that are on the other side of the world, as you never know when you will have the opportunity to return. However, if your itinerary leaves no margin for error and requires you to stick to a very tight schedule, your holiday may start to feel more like a military exercise than a relaxing break.

3. Make full use of online booking facilities – flights can be booked over the Internet and almost every holiday property owner advertises online these days, whether directly or through a travel agent, making it possible to arrange your entire holiday from the comfort of your home. The days of having to tramp round local shopping centres looking for the best deals in the windows of local travel agents’ offices are long gone, although it could be worth using an Internet agent if you need help organising Australian tours or trips across Egypt.

4. Utilise free applications that are designed to help travellers – there are many such applications available for mobile devices these days and they can make life much easier when you are travelling overseas. Apps that collect and organise all your booking details into one place are particularly useful in my opinion and save one from having to hunt through bags at busy airports to find booking reference numbers for flights, check-in times and other important information. Read online reviews of the latest apps and try some of the more popular ones when organising your next adventure.

5. Research each destination thoroughly – there is so much information available online about resorts and cities across the globe that no matter where you wish to visit, you are sure to find everything you need to know about each place online. By doing your homework before you book your holiday accommodation and flights, you can avoid wasting time and money visiting destinations that have little to offer and focus on those that are truly interesting instead. The most popular tourist attractions in the world must have something going for them so it is a good idea to start with these when you are looking for inspiration.

Air travel has made it possible to reach almost anywhere on earth in less than a day, giving modern holidaymakers a much larger choice of destinations than their counterparts in previous generations. Make the most of the holiday opportunities that are available to you by taking the time to pick the right accommodation for your needs and organising itineraries that have plenty to keep you occupied but are not too ambitious to be practical.

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