Park and Grocery

Park and grocery are two of RJ’s favorite places. We have no lawn and backyard so park is the only place where RJ can run, roll, jump and bike with no worries. Going to the park is one way of having fun while exploring the nature and she loves it very much.

Grocery day is her most awaited day. We do our grocery only once a month so RJ is excited to replenish her rectangular snack box. I love watching her as she gets her own little cart and shop for her favorite biscuits and drinks. She is even looking at the price tag and put back the item on the shelf if it is too expensive. Our girl is learning now. Doing our grocery with our kids can be a good bonding time and a good way for them to learn on a more practical approach outside school and home.

I was absent from Mommy Moments last week so again, this is a 2-in-1 post. Happy Mommy Moments and a great weekend to everyone!

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  1. wow, the little girls must have some real fun!

    i'm new here and i'm hopping for my new blog. would you care for a link exchange?

  2. Yes, park is a place where kids enjoy the time of their lives. It is there that they learn to appreciate nature and the physical activities they do at the park. Your kid is very disciplined to recognized the value of wise spending. She looks at the price tag of each item she gets from the grocery. I don't usually bring my kids at the supermarket for they want to get so many things which are non essentials. I just buy their favorite things as pasalubongs. Thanks for your post. God bless you all always.

  3. I love the pictures mommy. Btw both our kids loves to go to the park and grocery stores pla nakaka tuwa!!!
    Happy weekend mommy God bless!!

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