Parents-Teacher Interactions

I attended the Parents-Teacher Interactions (PTI) last August 28 at RJ’s school. It is being held every year, usually a month or two after the opening of classes. Its purpose is camaraderie among parents and good relationship between the class teacher and the parents. I think all schools should have this.

It was a red-filled, fun-filled day! We were asked to wear red that added brightness to the room with lots of balloons. There were games both for parents and the kids, intermission number, and of course there were McDonald’s food for everyone.

Fun Filled Day

There was also a surprise number performed by the kids. The children sang “I Need You” by Leann Rimes, as a tribute to the parents. It was touching for me at least and I am glad that I was able to take this video. RJ is the one in blue mini-skirt.

Parents-Teacher Interactions can greatly enhance child’s education. Parents will get to know the teacher that will make it easier for the parents to communicate with the teacher about their child’s  progress and problems in school. Also, parent’s involvement in school activities inspire and motivate the children in their studies.


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  1. i always make it a point to attend pta meetings or any program that needs parents' attendance. that helps a child gain more confidence beside of course tracking their progress in sch.

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