Parental Communications: Apologizing to Kids

Kids are adventurous, they are rowdy and they tend to act on things before they think about the outcome. Kids makes mistakes and they hurt people and so are parents. When parents make mistakes or do something wrong, especially to their children, they too should apologize.

apologizing to kids
Learning to apologize to your kids also teaches them essential life lessons that will mold their personality as they grow.

Do You Apologize to Your Kids?

Some parents think that apologizing to kids for something that they did wrong only shows their weakness and exposes their imperfections as parents. Some believe that being totally transparent with children can help bring about a clear understanding of reality. These two approaches communicate a lesson and should have their place according what parents think they should apply.

Before you set forth and apologize, you have to realize that an apology is not an acceptance of shame, self-loathing or blame. An apology is about the recognition of the fact that “to err is human.” You apologize when you acknowledge that you have hurt someone accidentally or intentionally. You apologize to show compassion, to make amends, to learn and to grow.

Apologizing to Kids Teaches Them 

Parents are not only the one who make rules that kids bend and break, parents are also role models that their children look up to. Learning to apologize to your kids also communicates with them essential life lessons that will mold their personality as they grow.

Apologizing to kids shows your humility, the importance of acknowledging your mistakes and being responsible to your shortcomings. It teaches kids what compassion and forgiveness means. Parents effectively communicate the feeling of being forgiven and forgiving to repair injured feelings. Being able to say you are sorry depicts a realistic outlook of relationships – the ups and downs and everything else.

Come to terms with your imperfections and let your child know. Let them learn that relationship repairs involve being human, making mistakes and acknowledging them and learning life’s lessons. So, when you find yourself in the wrong, don’t hesitate to apologize to your kids. Apologizing to kids does not only draw you closer together, you also learn to value your relationship and work around these imperfections to make your family ties even stronger.

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