Our Valentine’s Day Celebration

We had pre-Valentine’s Day celebration. I don’t know if RJ knew that we are going to celebrate the heart’s day earlier because she made cards as early as February 8 and gave it to us last February 11. I was touched because she bought the materials from her savings and she made a beaded bracelet for me.

We went again to QC Memorial Circle last February 12 to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. It was our new favorite hang-out on weekends. We had a pre celebration as we always did because we do not want to end up hitting the crowd which is the usual scene on Valentine’s Day not to mention the fully booked restaurants and traffic.

We had a blast again that day. We stayed at the Circle of Fun where RJ played for hours while Rhonnel and I played badminton. Then we had our breakfast at “Ala Eh! Café Amadeo”. I don’t know if I was just starving but it was one of the best breakfasts I had.

tapsilog, vigan longganisa and chocolate mousse

We went back to circle of fun and played with RJ. Watching my “mag-ama” playing already made my day.

Lunch time came…we ate at Taniegra’s Crispy Seafoods. If you are watching 24 Oras then most probably you have seen this featured there. We had their famous freshly cooked “okoy” made from headless shrimps.

crispy fried “okoy” and chicken

Before we headed home, we stopped by Coconut Ice Cream Hut and had chocolate sundae.

coconut hut’s chocolate sundae

Of course the day won’t be complete without the family shots.

That was our Valentine’s Day celebration. No posh restaurants, no expensive gifts but we had much, much, much fun!

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  1. Whole day affair ang Valentine’s Day celebration ninyo, Mommy Rossel, at nakakagutom ang mga pictures! We’ve never been to QC Memorial Circle, but I’d love to bring my son and his Dad there, too, hopefully, soon! By the way, Mommy, I noticed both you and your daughter have nice legs. Woot!

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