Our Left-Handed Musician

Almost all kids love music but not all can sing and/or play musical instruments. RJ loves music so much, can sing well and can play not just one but 3 musical instruments. So sorry for bragging but I just can’t help myself from being proud when talking about my daughter’s talents.

I remember when she was a baby, she stops crying when she hears the jingles of TV commercials. When she was about 3 years old, TV commercials catch her interests and she stops playing to pay attention. Until one day she said she wanted to have an organ so we gave it to her as a birthday present on her 4th birthday. She doesn’t have any formal lessons on playing the said instrument but she easily learned by following the chords on the music book.

It was last year when she learned to play the flute. It was one of their lessons in music. I was surprised to hear her playing “Someone Like You” by Adele using her flute. What astonishing is, she plays it just by listening…she plays it without musical notations or notes or whatsoever. So this summer when she said she wanted to learn how to play the guitar, we didn’t have second thoughts and we enrolled her immediately to guitar lessons. It won’t be surprising if one day we will have big Speakers & Studio Monitors here in the house. Lol!

our left-handed musician

We are so thankful to Ms. Belen, RJ’s teacher in guitar lessons. Hubby and I were afraid that RJ might find it hard to learn the guitar because of her short fingers not to mention she’s left-handed, but Ms. Belen was so patient with RJ. She imparted her enthusiasm in music that inspired and motivated RJ to do her best.

RJ maybe a left-handed musician but she’s good. I am not musically inclined so I am glad that my daughter is. Encouraging and supporting her does not only give her worthwhile extra-curricular activities but also extra-curricular happiness.

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  1. My right hand is my dominate hand. I use it for almost anything, but as soon as I pick up a string instrument I become left handed! I was wondering what the cause or reason could be for this?Thanks!

  2. I love music and there was a time in my life when I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Well,,, it failed. Then I realized playing an instrument is not just a skill… you have to be born with it..

  3. it’s really beautiful that you support your daughter on her learning to do music. 🙂
    my sister does the same to my niece, only that she’s a very tall ballerina.

  4. Truly a gift from God. Treasure and nourish her talents. Always encourage her to go on..and enjoy the learnings! Celebrate! Mas kaaya-ayang maging abala siya sa mga ganitong gawain kaysa sa ibang mga bagay na pinagtutuunan ng mga kabataan sa ngayon! !

  5. Though I play some music instruments with my right hand, I still wish I could use my left hand to play the guitar. But those who play the guitar with the left hand can go places in the future (like sir Paul Mc Cartney and Kurt Cobain). ^_^

  6. wow! i can really relate on this. i have this feeling that my 3yr old kiddo is into music too.. proud mom we are 😀

  7. omg! i used to play guitar and I’m a left handed as well but it didnt turned out so hard to learn just get the right size of guitar and it will turn out ok! good luck xx

  8. I am left handed and I play guitar left handed, I noticed the other day that I have never seen a left handed musician either in an orchestra or playing classical music. I know there must be other “lefties” out there who play, any idea why? Is it just an ethetic thing or don’t we qualify ?

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