Our Deepest Sympathy

High school life is the most exciting stage of my life as a student. I had so many friends from different groups when I was in high school but got only two best friends, Hazel and Mylene. We were all welcome on one another’s family and often did hang out at one another’s place.

Me, Hazel and Mylene

Just like my parents, Hazel and Mylene’s parents are all very kind and understanding. They understand if we need to sleep over or have “lupakan” or make “nilupak” on their places. By the way “nilupak” is a combination of pounded bananas, coconut meat, sugar and vanilla.

All of our parents were very supportive with our projects and programs in school. They even prepared snacks whenever we have rehearsals. It’s been twenty three years and it’s sad to know that Mylene’s dad passed away last Saturday, February 19, due to kidney problem and some complications. I know how hard it is to lose someone in the family. How I wish I was there to comfort Mylene.

To Mylene and the rest of her family, our deepest sympathy and condolences.

I know, the grief that follows is often very painful so Mylene, if you need someone to talk to about who your dad was or what was special about him, or if you just want to hang out with me, you know how to contact me.

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  1. aww. that’s sad.. so sorry about that ….. as long as you’re friends forever.. she can survive the pain…. dropping by sis for Nostalgia..

  2. Wahhhhhh napaiyak na naman ako dito sa post mo tokaya, nalala ko kasi si papa…. So sorry for your friend’s loss and condolence!

    I love linupak tokaya!

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