Organizing Family Picnics for the Summer Season

The cold season is over and people start enjoying the warmth of summer. One of the most popular family activities during this season is having a picnic. It doesn’t matter if you spend it on a beach, park, or just in your backyard – eating out the good old fashioned way is a great family bonding activity. The task of organizing family picnics can be as easy as a breeze or very challenging. Having small family picnics is pretty much like preparing lunch at home for a couple of guests. Bigger families on the other hand would require planning and coordinating with family members.

family picnic

The burden of organizing family picnics need not rest on one individual’s shoulder. After all, having a family is also about having people that you can count on. For big family picnics, the point person can assign other members to take charge of different aspects of the picnic. The usual concerns for a picnic are the venue, food, drinks, activities or entertainment, chairs, tables, and utensils. In some cases transportation may also be a concern especially if it involves beach or out of town picnics.

A primary concern during the planning stage is the number of people who are expected to attend the picnic as well as their demographics. The choice of venue, food, drinks, and activities would depend on these numbers. You would want family members to fit comfortably in your chosen venue and still have enough room for the activities you planned. Coming up with a picnic menu can be done by asking family members to name their favorite dishes along with food restrictions or food allergies. You can come-up with a menu and assign family members to bring them to the picnic or just make a list and go for a potluck picnic. Most family picnics have mixed demographics so make sure you have activities that appeal to all age groups for non-stop fun.

Organizing family picnics for the summer season can both be exciting and exhausting. The planning and preparation stages are often tedious and sometimes stressful. But stress and exhaustion can be wiped away by the fun and laughter shared with loved ones.


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