Opposites Attract

“We are Total Opposite” is our interesting topic for Couple’s Corner this week.Well, opposites attract as they say but this is not so true with Rhonnel and me. We almost have the same values, beliefs and likes though we also have little differences which I think is just normal between partners, couple or not.Hubby and I are both thorough and organized when planning vacations and occasion especially the big ones but when it comes to other things, like things in the house, I am more conscientious. Rhonnel is contented as long as things are arranged neatly, but not me. I am a little OC. I want things in their proper places, arranged according to their sizes and/or colors. In fact, even things like our clothes hangers are arranged according to their colors; darkest to lightest, biggest to smallest. Books are arranged according to their subjects and sizes. CDs are arranged according to their genres. And when I hang clothes, it should be according to their color and length with equal distance between each clothes; things that Rhonnel usually do not understand. Is there something wrong with me? Oh, do not be shy to leave your honest opinions about this. Honestly, I want to know if I am normal or what…ehehe.

I love arts and I appreciate aesthetic interests while Rhonnel has no artistic interests but he appreciates my sketches and he is planning to frame and hang them all. I love it when he praises my works.

I am more sociable than Rhonnel. I love seeking out experiences and learn new things. Rhonnel is quite reserve and tends to shy away from social situations but despite of this he is everybody’s friend. In fact he has more friends than me. Other than these, we are very much compatible in most things.

According to Donna Patterson, author of “Ready For Marriage Dating”, a couple who has similar values and beliefs will have a better chance at working through problems than a couple who does not. But I see couples opposite in almost all things, yet get along extremely well.

It does not matter if you have differences as long as you love one another and respect each others traits. “Marriage is meant to complement each others talents and skills so that you can form a complete love nest”, as what have Mr. Mel Alarilla commented on one of my posts. Nobody is perfect and no one holds the distinction of knowing everything. God purposely made it this way so that people will learn to cooperate with each other.

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  1. Ka ganda naman ng iyong entry. Pareho pala si Rhonnel at rodney na hindi sociable. Asawa ko parang takot sa tao pero maraming friendship. Ganon yata talaga Mommy Rossel, kahit may mga differences eh parang yun ang nagpapatibay ng samahan ng mag asawa. OC ka pala? ay ayaw kitang kasama sa bahay, lagi mo akong sisigawan, kasi di man ako sobrang kalat, pero di ako neat freak, hehehe..

  2. wow, pareho pala tayo, Sel neat freak 🙂

    i like the quote about marriage as well as he thing about perfection 🙂

  3. I really envy you tokaya with your art talent, ala akong katalent talent sa arts lol. I love the way you hang clothes, magkakasundo tayo dyan at ganyan ako noon nung andyan pa ako sa pinas lol.

    Late entry to Couple's Corner. See you in Nostalgia.

  4. hello mommy rossel. a very beautiful cc post.. at pareho pa tayo ng title. hehe! magkakasundo tayo kasi OC din ako. hihi!

  5. You are so right. Opposites attract. That's probably meant to compensate for one's lack. Thus the short person seeks a tall one, a dark person will opt for a white one and a submissive person will seek for a domineering one. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. My Gosh, OC ka pala ha, hehehe, ganyan din ako nuon kasi Papa ko sobrang OC, but now I got married to a man who doesn't care neatness. lols, I mean, I will be the one who manage cleaning the house coz I don't want to be shamed by my friends if I got a messy house. They're the same with my hubbz, he is so shy but he got lots of friends than me. Kuya Mel is right, Married couples complement the interests of each partners skills and talent so to complete a nest of love. For me, it's also nature, man and woman are totally different. God made it that way so they can both depend to each other.

  7. natawa ako sa OC part. i am like you in a way but i think i am milder 🙂 hahahaah

    at di ka nag iisa. i know a lot of bloggers are like you in terms of OCness hihih! pramis.

    thanks for droppng by my blog rossel!

  8. I love what you wrote in here sis especially this part … "It does not matter if you have differences as long as you love one another and RESPECT each others traits."
    Thanks for the visit 🙂

  9. waah!!! there's nothing wrong with being OC mommy rosell… I want to be so OC din… naku, pano ba yun? sa pag hang lang ng sinampay ako nakakarelate na gusto ko same distance sila ay nasa magkakatabi ang magkakakulay na hanger at syempre by size… all other things, wa na! wahahaha!!!

  10. haha..grabe naman pagka OC mu te but i like it. minsan may ganon din akong attitude but minsan lng.hehe..pag nag linis ako gusto ko kung panu ko xa nilinis at inarrange ganun lang xa the whole day. inis ako pag na me mess up! haay pag nag asawa kapa ng ibang lahi marami talagang differences but according to our Marriage book " Just learn to compromise". Thanks te for dropping by in my blog! 🙂

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