One Special Sunday Morning

It was one fine Sunday morning when everyone’s seems to be very excited for something grand. Amazingly, the usual lazy Sunday feel has been replaced by nearly panicky gestures. I almost thought I lost track of the day but when I checked the calendar it is indeed in red print. I finally get back into reality when my girl entered the room, all dressed up and ready to go to church.

The ambiance was different that time as I’m seeing a lot of young boys and girls dressed in white clothes. Later did I know that day is also their first communion day. It is a ceremony in the Catholic Church wherein young boys and girls will be receiving the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for the first time.

Unlike the usual Sunday masses, the young boys and boys and girls seated in one place while their proud family members are seated at the back who are as excited as well. The entire church is well adorned including the church chairs.

The mass is longer than the usual that time because the ceremony of the first communion has been included. Most of the family members brought their cameras to capture the event and later on had a special celebration.

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