No to Vices…Set a Good Example to Your Kids

No parent would want their children to be growing up with vices like smoking and alcoholism. However, no matter how many times they would remind their children not to have it if the parents themselves are not living up to their words, it would be useless. Children tend to mimic the habits of their parents and anything done by their parents would always look okay. There might be fear at first but if they could regularly see it, there’s no doubt that they would eventually follow their steps.

There are children who were able to see the bad effects of vices in their parents and that could somehow influence them not to do same. However, if in cases that their parents look okay with it then they would think that it’s okay to start the vices as well.

During family gatherings like birthdays, Christmas holidays and similar occasions, adults in the family tend to forget that there are children observing them. They get carried away with the moment and tend to drink that much. This might not be a good scene for children because eventually they would think that drinking can be okay.

According to studies, 19% of children with an age of 10-17 and with parents who are heavy drinkers already experienced being drunk. When it comes to underage drinking, parental influence is very important. If you do not want your children to engage into such vices, set yourself as an example and do not let them see you doing it as well.

Though some of these vices are due to peer pressure, parental guidance can still lure them away from its influence. An open communication is a must at the same time a visible example that could convince them that a having a vice is not good at all.

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