NO Dear

Before I got married, my Mom said that I should stand by my spouse no matter what. She is right and I agree with her 100 percent but this does not mean I would say YES all the time. I am my own person and so is Rhonnel. We both have our own minds, likes and dislikes and we do not hesitate to say NO when…

•We are too tired for a very romantic night
•One wants to watch a movie and the other one does not want to
•One wants to buy a thing and the other one knows that we cannot afford it
•I am tagging Rhonnel along the wet market (he hates the smell)
•I am tagging him on crowded places like Divisoria
•He wants to buy a motorcycle
…and so many more NOs depending on our moods, ehehe.
Many people find it hard to say NO most especially to their spouses. Just be frank and use sympathetic but firm tones like, “I am sorry but I cannot…”, but do not be over apologetic. Do not give the person false hopes too by saying, “Let me think about it then I will get back to you” if you know that you will not change your mind anymore. The person will keep on bugging you and I tell you it could be very annoying.
On the other hand, if your spouse says NO, do not over react or get pouty. Most of the time, he or she has his/her reasons. It would be better if you will talk about it and listen to his/her reasons. When one or both of you are not listening to each other and cannot take NO Dear for an answer, then you have a problem in your marriage.
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  1. Oo nga naman.. katuwa, noong nasa Korea kami at gusto bumili ni Rodney ng motorsiklo, tigas kong kaka NO, gang sa nag talo na kami, hehehe..

    Hate nya rin ang inaaya ko siya sa malls, or sa shoppingan, at hate ko naman na inaaya nya ako sa fleamarket, kasi ayaw naman nya ng gusto ko, hmp! Impulsive buyer siya, na kung laging Yes ang sagot ko eh marami na kaming things na hindi importante. Oh ha!

  2. oh, well… i find the list reasonable, lol! good thing 'my ronel' doesn't mind being dragged to the wet market, lol!

  3. I missed CC but you're right, we should not hesitate saying No to our husband. We should stand our own right as wife too.

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