New Wall Clock for Our Kitchen

As they say, time is gold. Yes, it is! Every second time passing is very important especially for a work-at-home Mom like me who has no helper. I am not complaining. It is just that I have online tasks to finish all the time not to mention the household chores and taking care of our angel that is why I am very much time conscious. Believe it or not, there’s a wall clock in every room in our house, even in the kitchen. And now that the one in the kitchen just stopped I need to buy a new one. I like that clock but it is not working anymore even if I have changed the batteries already. There are literally thousands of decorative wall clocks in the market anyway and I can choose from antiques, to classics and contemporary.

I think this one will look good on our kitchen wall. It will make a good contrast on the yellow paint. This decorative wall clock is with rich blue segments that rotate outward to mark the hours with a pleasing spiral pattern. It has very large display that I can see even when I am cooking, thus, it will save me from having to go to another room to check the time.

You may find it OA to have a clock in every corner of our house but believe it or not, they help me balance everything, from my work to my family time.

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