Negative Effects of Corporal Punishment to Children

I am a mother so I know how challenging it is to discipline a child. It is sometimes provoking and is frustrating most of the time. But is corporal punishment really necessary?

When I attended the’s 2nd anniversary, one of the speakers is Ms. Vanessa Garon of Golden Values School and one of the topics she discussed is “Tough Love” which is about corporal punishment. If you think that it won’t do much harm to your kids, then you are wrong. Spanking, kicking, rap of knuckles, etc. to a child’s tender body is traumatic and detrimental that could cause long lasting effects.

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Too much physical punishment especially in young children can cause extreme anger growing up. This anger is then later on expressed as either passive or active aggressive behavior that manifest either towards the one administering the punishment or towards others in the environment. Effects could be:

•Resentment of authority
•Violent behavior towards family or peers
•Displacement to internet most especially on violent games

Sometimes you may think that spanking is effective because your children follow what you say. The real reason behind it is the fear they have for you and not the understanding of why a particular thing should not be done or why a certain behavior must be stopped. Corporal punishment is the worst and least effective way of disciplining your children so stop it before you’ll be sorry.

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  1. huhu.. guilty as charged! but trying to control my anger now. and after the anger, im trying to explain why i got angry and let them understand. thanks for sharing!

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