Natural Weight Loss for RJ

RJ asked me if she can have her hair rebonded just like mine. Lol! My baby is now beauty conscious because of Mommy’s influence. She doesn’t even wanted to be called fat anymore. I am wondering what my reaction would be if she asks me one day if she can take weight loss pills. Would I allow her if she reaches the right age? Maybe it will depend on how fat she will be or may be not at all. How to lose weight has been my problem for years. I want to take weight loss pills myself but I am afraid of the side effects. I have tried drinking diet tea though and the side effects that I have experienced are abdominal pain, rectal pain and sometimes nausea.

Different weight loss pills have different ingredients so their side effects varies. Adipex side effects are different from HCG and so on and so forth. There are pills that cause cramps in the stomach, sore breasts, sick feeling from time to time that you have mistaken them for pregnancy symptoms. There are also diet pills that can cause constipation, anorexia and palpitation. It would be helpful to know the side effects before taking them to help you prepare or prevent some of the bad effects if not totally eliminate them.

I do not want RJ to experience those so I would encourage her to go for the natural weight loss which are diet and exercise if ever she will gain so much weight in the future.

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