My Little Secret

What is it like to have twins in the house? Well, I’m just curious. My husband showed me the picture of his boss’ twins, a boy and a girl. They are so adorable. I am sure they look cute in their bumbleride indie twin stroller.

When I was still single, I wanted to have twins. But now, I’m thankful that God gave me only one child. RJ and her mess seem to go together…papers everywhere, her dirty clothes in the corner, books on the floor…geez! Oh yeah, I can’t expect her to tidy the room heself. It’s either I do it for her or help her. I can’t imagine if I have twins. Two kids of the same age in the house, that would mean a lot of work for me everyday.

You wouldn’t believe it but since yesterday RJ does not only cleans her room but also helps me with other household chores. She waters my plants, sweeps the ground and sets the table. So, what did I do to make her help me? I’ll share with you my little secret.

RJ saves for the things she wants. Now that it’s summer vacation, she doesn’t have any allowance to save. I told her that I’ll give her allowance or rather incentive this summer if she’ll help me do the chores. I’ll give her 5PHP ($0.12) for every chore and I’m going to pay her at the end of the day. Now, after each task, she asks me what else she can do. Result? A tidy room and a clean house. 🙂

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