My First Impressions of My In-Laws

It’s our parents obligation to understand and love us unconditionally. Our in-laws won’t follow the same rule because they are not our real parents. I think it would be best if  we don’t expect what people can’t deliver. So when I married Rhonnel, I didn’t expect much from my in-laws that made it easier for me to like and love them.
We lived with my in-laws for six months. Our relationship ran smoothly though there were times that my mother in-law didn’t agree on some of our decisions. Well, I didn’t expect her to but instead of debating with her, I listen and learned to see the situation from her points of view. Good thing is I am very flexible and always open to other’s opinions. I am respecting them the way I am respecting my parents and I gained their respect in no time.
There are many people who don’t get along very well with their in-laws and I am thankful that I am not one of them.When I met my in-laws thirteen years ago, I knew right there and then that they are good people and I was never wrong. They are the same good people I know and I want to thank them for treating and loving me as their own daughter.
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  1. swerte mo sa in laws .sigro dahil mabait ka rin sa kanila kagaya nga ng sabi mo you listen and learned.nice tip sa mga newly wed .

  2. It is always best to have a place of your own than to live with your in laws if you can afford it. Although one may not have any problem living with her in laws, there will always be clashes as far as values and how things should be in running a family and a household. Even in the upbringing and disciplining of one's children, grandparents more often than not interfere in this aspect thinking that they are better equipped and more knowledgeable than the budding parents are. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. yes i agree with mel, u are lucky to have in laws like them and it is always nice to live separately from them.

  4. Not everyone is as lucky as you, you are respectful to your in laws and that's how you gained their respect as well. You are also a great person that's why you are blessed with great people around you. I might get along well with my in laws, but I don't think I get the same love and care you get from yours. Happy weekend to you all..

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