My Favorite “Me” Time

Mommies also need a little sanity-saving “me” time. When you are stressed and burnt out you have a shorter fuse and you easily get irked and “me” time is what keeping you cool-headed most of the time. It does not have to be luxurious. In fact, a simple foot spa can keep you sane for the rest of the week. Foot Spa is my favorite “me” time (second to good sleep) maybe because it is the least expensive that pampers and relaxes me.

foot spa

Sometimes you feel guilty to leave kids at home while you are pampering yourself. You feel uneasy and worry too much as to how and what the kids are doing while you are away. To lessen your worries, guilt and all, schedule your Mommy time on Weekends when your husband or someone older in the house could watch the kids for you. Isn’t it nice to be back home revitalized, more relaxed and calmer?


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  1. wow, something like that would be so nice. I hope i can pamper my feet again, just too busy that i don’t have the time yet.

  2. I love getting mani-pedis, kasama na dya ang foot spa! It’s a piece of pure heaven that you can have all to yourself. Sarap di ba? Lovely me time, Rossel!

    Also, ilabas na ulit mga colorful stories and photos mo! Colorful Weekend is up again, let’s have fun!

  3. korek mommy! ako ganun din..kelangan ko na rin ata yan..maybe nextweek..
    Super late visiting from Mom ME time #2 (May 29, 2011)
    My Mom ME Time

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