My Dream Man

I was obsessed with Mr. Richard Gomez when I was in high school. I even cut out his pictures from the magazines and put them under my pillow, hoping that he will dream of me. How could he? He didn’t even know me. I was so obsessed with him head over heels that I was not thinking straight. So when I finally woke up from a very deep slumber and learned to accept the truth that I can not have him, ehehe, I was dreaming of someone who is closest to his features, someone who is “tall, dark and handsome” with some other traits on my comprehensive list; romantic, intelligent, rich (must have big house and hot car).Well, that was 25 years ago. As the years passed, my romantic idea that the absolute perfect guy is out there changed. My priorities started to shift and so did my “must haves”. I started to dream of marrying someone who is loving, understanding and will appreciate the person I am. And so our good Lord answered my prayers and gave me Rhonnel.

Did I marry my dream man? My answer is “NO” if I will base it on my Mr. Right during my teen years and a big “YES” if I will base it on my Mr. Right when I was already matured. Rhonnel may not be tall and hunk (yes, he is dark, lol!), but he is very loving, understanding and accepted me for who I am. He gets along with my family very well, we share the same values and ideals, he makes me feel very special, he is romantic, a loving husband and a great father. Rhonnel may not be perfect but he has most of the traits that every woman is dreaming of.

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  1. Wahhh! Richard Gomez fan ka rin, pareho tayo, hehe..High school ka lang nung college na ako? wahhhh! that means, super tanda ko na..

    Tama ka naman, we might have some hopes and dreams when we were younger, but we didn't know better. As we grow old and see the reality of life, then our dreams and hopes change to a more believable and reachable ones. We're both lucky for having met and married our better halves. They might not be pefect, but they are in their own ways.

  2. ayyy, sorry na lang kayo mga sisses. mas nauna nakita ni goma ang mga cut-outs na mukha nya sa bahay ni lucy 😀

    sis, hope you can relink my blog
    you might want to list your blog in my blog directory page too

  3. si Aga Muhlach crush ko dati,hahaha,bagets time pa non. you and hubby are both lucky to have each other. mabait na asawa at ama sa inyo.

  4. God is good and knows us very well, that is why He gave us someone who will love us no matter what…Rhonnel and you are meant for each other.

  5. Hehehe daming may friend ako dati sabi kamukha daw siya ni Richard Gomez tinantya ko nd kaya lol pero talk dark and somewhat handsome din siya. Hehehe dont get me wrong were only friends bwahahaha salamat sa comment mo rossel

  6. Whatever God gives you for your husband is the real Mr. Right. God our Father knows what is right and best for all of us. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. hahahaha!!! maka goma ka pala ate rossel ha! ako eh patrick garcia noon… hahaha!!! at sa kasweetan naman ni fafa rhonnel eh shoot na shoot na! dedma na kay goma! hehehe

  8. Hi Sis, cruch mo aga muhlach, akin si Rico yan 🙂 hehehe, ganyan talaga nu, we undergo infatuation and start dreaming for the mr. right guy, but then you were able to find it in God's timing. God bless you both! By the way sis, I'm grabbing your button and will be adding your link to my list if that's ok with you.

  9. oh…mr dream boy! =)

    ganun tlga…dream boy nga eh =))

    Hays…hehe =) wala lang! =P

    napapabuntung hininga nalng =P

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