My Child Got Hurt in School

I was upset when RJ got hurt in school before summer vacation. She came home crying with bruised knees. I know it was an accident. What made me upset was, it happened on the waiting area which is supposed to be a “no playing zone”. There were students playing tag who mistaken RJ as one of their playmates and pushed her so she stumbled on the ground. Good thing she managed to hold her head up. If not, then it would be a nightmare for me. There were two adults (school’s security) present who were supposed to restrain the kids from playing there but they didn’t say a word. If it happened in the playing area, then I would understand. What made me more upset was no one helped my daughter.

My Child Got Hurt

The following day, I sent a complaint letter to the principal stating my disappointment. I entrusted my only child with them but I have proven that they cannot guarantee her safety. I understand that it is impossible for the teachers or other school personnel to pay attention to all students in one moment but they should at least put corresponding signage on designated areas such as “no playing zone” on areas where the students are not allowed to play. Guess what? I didn’t hear a word nor receive a reply from the principal. My child got hurt in school but seem like she is nonchalant about the whole thing. Did we get a lawyer? No, we did not but if such accident will happen again in school, then we will be forced to get a lawyer if that’s the only way for the people that are responsible to be held accountable. School cases are difficult but with a lawyer that has handled matters like this, we might be able to substantiate some negligence on the part of school.

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