Moving Up and Growing Up So Fast

These pictures where taken during the farewell party in school last March 17. RJ said she is excited on summer vacation but sad at the same time because she doesn’t know if her classmates are the same set of friends she will have. Our girl is not just moving up to the 3rd grade, looks like she’s getting a bit mature too because vacation is not the only thing she cares about now.


It amazes me that RJ knows a lot of things now. She is the one teaching me the computer games and when I asked her how did she learn that, she said “I read the instructions.”  Sometimes when I am wrong she is prompting me with “You are wrong, Mama.” There are also times she says “Let me, Mama. I can do this.” She is also the one choosing what she wants to wear. I am afraid my daughter needs me less everyday. Sad but that is the reality.

Time will come we can not take her to the park and play bubbles with her. I am proud and glad that she is maturing gracefully but sad at the same time because she is moving up and growing up so fast.

So as for now, we will enjoy every minute of her childhood. We will take her to the park and play with her, I will let her teach me the computer games, I will snuggle with her while watching her favorite movies and I will tuck her to bed and tell her story about how she was born. I will kiss her more often and will hold her tighter.

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  1. Every mom is really happy if her kids are maturing. And yes, we feel great if our kids outsmart us. Our kids also teach us many things and I'm so amazed.
    I really agree with you that we need to have quality time with our kids, kiss and hug them more often because they grow up very quickly. Later, someone will be doing these with them instead, hehehe!

  2. True mommy, time flies really fast that's why it's wise to spend all the time we can with our kids and make them enjoy childhood. School for how many months and 2 with us kaya make the most out of it! 😉 Enjoy!

  3. it is amazing how much our kids achieved many things at school and also their milestones…enjoy it while it last, Sel :-)!

  4. Hi mommy Rose, I love your MM post nakaka touch.I'm agree that time will come that we can not take our kids to the park anymore kasi mag dadalaga na sila aww may time na ma sa-sad ata ako when that time comes. Have a blessed weekend God bless =)

  5. Time does fly so fast! Your daughter is already a little miss. Just enjoy every moment with her. Congrats on her achievements!

  6. What a touching post this is Rossel. Your daughter RJ is probably of the same age and the same grade this coming school year as my youngest daughter- Heidi. I call her Princess Heidi which is also the title of her very own blog. Yes, our children grow up so fast na halos hindi natin namamalayan na malaki na pala sila at me sarili nang mundo. But whatever values we have imparted to them will serve them well even when they are already grown ups. My two eldest sons are already working and my youngest son will be coming in at third year high school this coming school year. I hope and pray that everything is okay and fine with all of you. HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. Kids grow up really fast. I wonder how it will be with me when my son is a third grader like your daughter. I bet he wouldn't like me to kiss him in public anymore.

  8. time passes by so so fast… we got to treasure them and be with our kids intentionally…

    thanks for this beautiful entry mommy!

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