Motivation, Not Bribery

We are lucky to have a smart daughter. I am glad that we have inculcated good study habits in her. But kids will always be kids. There are times she is not in the mood to study her lessons or make her assignments most especially when she sees her playmates wandering outside or she knows the computer is on. So to motivate her to study harder, we promised to buy her tablet if she will make it to the top ten of her class. A 32gb ipod touch would be great but she is just a kid so a local version would do (besides we have limited budget). Others may think it is bribery but it’s not. It is a reward for her hard work. It is our way of motivating our daughter to study which I think is alright as long we are not spoiling her.


As parents we need to work out with some tricks and motivation which would maintain our children’s enthusiasm to study but remember that every child is different and special. What works for my daughter might not work for your child. Just be patient in trying different tricks until you find the right one that will work for your child.

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