Mother’s Intuition

RJ is amazed that I know her every move. I know what’s on her mind, I know when she’s lying or not, I know what she’s going to say or do, and when she goes outside I know where to find her as if I am wearing watch with GPS. It’s because of the innate impulse and natural gift of every Mom…Mother’s intuition.

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There was a time RJ asked me in a sarcastic tone, “What else can’t I hide from you, Mommy?” I know it could be irritating sometimes. She thinks that I am always snooping but I am not. But still I am grateful that I have this wonderful gift of Mother’s intuition.

If you are a new mother or about to become one,
has anyone told you that much parenting is a learned behavior,
not—as we have been led to believe—all instinct and motherwit.

~Sally Placksin~

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