Mobile Phone Recycling: A Call For A Greener Earth

With advances in technology making it easier for engineers to design and to manufacture gadgets, new mobile phones with advanced features roll out factories faster than we can fully learn all the applications of our current ones. Since companies have also tried to make mobile phones quite affordable, many people upgrade their mobiles to the latest one much like they change their wardrobe.

Now, if a person were to keep every single phone he has owned in his lifetime, he would most likely have a closetful of old mobile phones. If he chooses to throw them instead, he’d have contributed heavily to the piles of trash that hasten our planet’s degradation.

Instead of ending up with dozens of old mobile rendered useless, it would be prudent to sell old mobile phones for two practical reasons:

You save the Earth in your own little way. By selling your old mobile, you contribute in creating a sustainable environment. Functioning mobiles can still be used by those who cannot afford brand new ones and lessen the need to manufacture more mobile phones. Those that are beyond repair are usually broken down into their components which are then used in manufacturing other gadgets.

You gain extra cash. The money you earn from selling your old mobile can be used to pay for your new one or be used for other expenses. With the high cost of living nowadays, we all need the extra money we can get from our pre-loved items.

Now, before you do sell your mobile phone, do make sure that you do a factory reset, remove the SIM card, and the SD card if it has one. This lessens the chances of a new user being able to access any of your personal data stored in your old mobile.

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