Memories with Bubbles

When RJ was still a toddler, she loves bubbles very much. She loves chasing them as they float on the air. She was very amazed and playing bubbles was a fun and exciting way to satisfy her curiosity. So the scene was always like this, Rhonnel was the bubble blower and RJ was the chaser. I cannot be the blower because my asthma would attack.
Playing bubbles is a good parent-child bonding. It is also good for our children’s eye-hand coordination.
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  1. naku, kahit til now, mahilig pa rin maglaro mga bata ng bubbles. siguro di lang pang bata, pati pang isip
    right sis, ayaw na ng mga kids ,ko iblog sila. hehe. but i still blog. =)

  2. pareho pala tayo girl, may asthma din ako. LOL this post reminds me of faith last night she's acting up she blowing a bubble hehehe

  3. Mama and my two sister had asthma before but it was treated, thanks God for that, mahirap kasi ang may asthma eh.

    RJ is super duper cuteness in these photos hehehe. I think most kids love bubbles. Ang bubbles ko noon tokaya when Mama and I are in the Ilog doing laundry, sabon lang ang ginagamit ko to blow bubbles lol..


  4. aww…kawaii!!I guess everybody loves bubbles–pati ako fascinated din dyan kaya para na rin akong bata (batang-isip) lol!

    Parang bubbles din ata ang theme ng mommy moments this friday ah?

    Nasa Kizuna ang Nostalgia dear^_^

  5. I agree Ross, it's one way of parent and child bonding. Even me, I love playing bubbles with George. One can do that during bath time too.

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