Meet Our Fathers

I always brag about my Mom here. It is only now that I will brag about my Dad. I don’t know why. May be because it is only now that I am given the change. Introducing…my father Mr. Rustico Encarnacion. Known by his friends as Rusty, Tico or Tatay.

Everybody says I am the female version of Tatay, not only in facial features but also in height, lol! My Mom is a few inches taller than him. He may be small but he has a big heart. He worked overseas since I was in the 3rd grade and stayed here for good when I was already working. He was with us during his vacations though, one to three months every two years. He said that it is his biggest regret, being away from us for so many times, the reason why we are closer to our Mom, even my brothers. But then he was able to raise and send us to school, all the six of us.

Tatay is a very good cook, better than Nanay. Caldereta, dinuguan and kare-kare are his specialty. He also hates a messy house especially the comfort room that is why he is cleaning the CR everyday. As a lolo, he is a spoiler. I hate it so much when I am disciplining RJ and he is always on the rescue. He would say “Huwag mong pagalitan. Ganyan talaga mga bata.” Then he would call RJ, “Halika, anak. Galit natin si Mama.” Grrr!

Tatay may be not the perfect father but for us, he is the best. I admire him for sacrificing those every previous moments just to give us decent lives.

Introducing my father-in-law…Mr. Filomeno Dacio. Known by his friends as Fill, Chito or Chiqui (short for Chiquito). Like my dad, he is just a small man with a big, big, big heart.

I love this man so much. He is very kind, patient and broad-minded. He is treating me like his own daughter and we get along very well. I love it when he hugs and kisses me. I can feel his fatherly love. Whenever he has problems, he would go to our house and confide with me without any hesitations. He is not even ashamed of sharing me his secrets and his naughty escapades, things that his children don’t understand sometimes. He is a very good man and I want to thank him for raising Rhonnel as a good and God-fearing person just like him.

To our two great fathers and to all the fathers in the world, Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Hehehe! spoiler nga ang mga lolos, ganyan din ang father ko eh, noong nandito na siya at si Roan ang baby, sa kanila nga ni mother nakatabi. Ang su swerte natin at mababait naman ang ating mga tatay. Di rin perfect ang father ko, but he used to be my friend. Mga FILs ko naman, mababait din, pero di ako super close, selosa kasi mga MIL ko baka kugn ano pa isipin, hehehe..

  2. Hahaha kaya siguro sayo nagkoconfide kasi sport ka hehehe… Ang bait naman ni Papa mo tokaya, RJ is very lucky to have tow loving lolos to look up to.

  3. Happy Bday, uli, Sel 🙂

    Anyway, super bait pala Tatay mo….at spoiler din gaya ng Tatay ko.

    Your FIL eh mapakabait din…you are so lucky kasi not all FIL is that close to their FIL…at nag ko confide pa sa yo…now that is what we call….best FIL in the world.

  4. ate rossel, ang gwapo ni tatay ha… at talagang iniispoiled nga ang mga apo… haha!!! minsan lang naman kaya yaan mo na…

    si FIL naman, parang feeling ko eh nakita nya sayo yung pang unawa na siguro hindi nabibigay sa kanya ng iba nyang anak… parang super close nga kayo and I'm sure daddy ronnel is so happy about it…

  5. sis I agree with AC, your dad got the look nga:) and napansin ko lang ha bagets din mga names nila Rusty and Chiqui parang tunog binata pa..he..he…you're blessed to have such wonderful fathers:)

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