Mang Inasal

Because RJ loves fried chicken so much, we dine at Jollibee or KFC most of the time. No doubt that Jollibee’s chicken joy and KFCs fried chicken are the bests but Rhonnel and I hate grease so when we discovered Mang Inasal, it adds to our family’s favorite place to dine out. Mang Inasal food chain have been existing for a long time but when Jollibee Foods Corp. took control of this food chain, the branches popped out like mushrooms all over the city and nearby provinces.
Chicken inasal is a popular dish from the City of Smiles. The chicken is marinated in different spices that create distinct flavor. It is then grilled over hot charcoal and basted with sauce with atchuete or annato oil that gives its yellow color. The smoke from the charcoal adds to the flavor and makes the chicken tastier.
unlimited rice P92
What my husband loves in Mang Inasal, aside from their chicken of course, is their unlimited rice which is perfect for Filipinos who are rice-lovers. For only P92 ($2.2) you can have a big piece of chicken and unlimited rice which are great value for your money. The chicken is served on a bamboo skewer while the rice is wrapped in banana leaf that makes it more Filipino.
Thanks to Bryan who was very prompt in refilling hubby’s plate.
Have little money in your pocket? Don’t worry because you can still have a piece of Mang Inasal chicken and a cup of rice for only P49 ($1.2).
value meal P49
By the way, this is not a paid post. I just love Mang Inasal’s chicken.
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  1. If you are going to eat this grilled chicken, plus bottomless rice this will solve any meal of the day. Just by the look of the chicken meal, I know the price is really worth.

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