Love Languages

I love today’s theme, “Love Language”. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 basic love languages we use namely: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts and Acts of Services. I can say that all these love languages are present in our house.

Of course my act of language is acts of services. It is Mom’s nature to take care of their kids and husband. Prepare their meals, giving them bathe, prepare their things for school and office, give them good massage, etc. and they both love helping me out.

Words of affirmation such as “I love you”, “Thank you”, “You are welcome”, “It is great” , “You are good” are part of our everyday language and naturally comes out from our lips. I am glad that RJ does not forget these words of compliments.


Hubby and I also spend quality time with RJ as much as we can, read with her, play with her, draw with her or even just talking and listening to her stories and jokes.

Physical touch is RJ’s love language. She loves to cuddle, gives hugs and kisses and loves to be cuddled and kissed too.

RJ loves receiving gifts especially from us and loves giving gifts too. I remember last Christmas when she said she wanted to give gifts to her teachers and some of her friends and classmates and because she has no money of her own, I am the one who bought the gifts. She also loves to draw, make cards, and write poems expressing how much she loves us.Love languages are practical yet powerful way of expressing our love. These 5 languages are guaranteed to make our special someone feel loved.

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  1. Wow ang sweet sweet talaga ni RJ ano tokaya.. Pagka maganda talaga ang rearing sa bata nakikita rin sa personality nila. I can't forget when EJ first tole me "ILayo MOm". Ang sarap pakinggan.

  2. Ang sweet ni Rj.For me a simple letter na may I love you note grabe na to-touch and parang mag melt ang heart ko =)Btw ang ganda ng drawing ng princess mo happy weekend.

  3. You are right, mommy. All five love languages are essential in expressing our love to our children. Thanks for the visit, by the way. I hope we can also exchange links.

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