Let Us Help Baby Bella

I remember blowing and caressing my daughter’s scratches and scrapes when she was a toddler to ease the pain… “There, it will be healed soon.” But it’s not really the blowing or caressing that eases the pain but the assurance that I am always there for her no matter what.
Seeing our kids in pain breaks our hearts. If only we could do something to instantly ease their pains, heal their wounds, or mend their broken hearts. This is what Mommy Rubz is feeling right now. Her daughter Bella Grace was diagnosed of having hernia and needs surgery to close the linings of her muscles so that her intestines won’t protrude down near her private part and to prevent strangulation of her intestines because it will cut off blood circulation to the tissue that may cause health problems and abnormalities. The operation costs $1000. This is a quite big amount but with our help, nothing is impossible.
Pehpot launched Blog Review for a Cause so we can help raise funds for Baby Bella’s operation. For just $10, Mommy Rubz, Bella’s mom, will make a review of your blog. If you are interested, please send an email to pehcats@gmail.com with the URL of your blog you want to be reviewed. Also, your prayers can do wonders so please include Bella in your prayers.
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