Learning to Save in One Fun Box

Toys are more than just fun playthings that kids can enjoy. They can also be learning instruments for some of the most practical things in life. Role playing toys like a kitchen set or handyman kit can introduce kids to daily household tasks while complex toys like chess and board games can pave the way to social interactions and strategic thinking. One of the most practical lessons that parents can impart to their kids is savings. And when a simple coin bank isn’t enough to entice your little ones, then you can pack a little action in with an Itazura Coin Stealing Panda Piggy Bank.

piggy bank
Forget about the plain old coin bank or piggy bank with a slot for your coins. The Itazura Coin Stealing Panda Piggy Bank adds fun and mystery to your coin saving activity. It appears to be a simple box for a panda toy with a white plate on top. The white plate serves as a coin slot that triggers the box to open when a coin is placed in it. The panda then peeks and gets the coin from the slot. Once the money is taken the lid will close again making it appear like an ordinary box. All the missing coins will be stored in the box until you are ready to take them out. A slot at the back of the box can be opened so you can get the panda’s loot and count your savings. Watching the panda’s realistic movements as it takes the coin can motivate kids to keep putting coins in the slot and add more money to their savings.

The Itazura Coin Stealing Piggy Bank is just one of the modern action toys that kids can use for fun and learning. Saving on your piggy bank is not just a routine task anymore. It becomes a lively and entertaining past time for kids who want to learn how to save. Parents who want to find tools for fun and interactive learning can search for action toys here.

The “coin stealing” part can be a concern for parents who would like to teach kids about positive values. But this can be addressed by taking a different approach in explaining the concept to young kids. The panda can be the shy coin guardian that keeps himself hidden until the coins are placed in the slot for his protection.

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