Kilig Moment in the Bus

L♥ve is in the air. Because it is l♥ve month, the C♥uple’s C♥rner would be filled with hearts and kilig moments this February. To start with, our theme for this week is “Our Firt Kilig Moment”. Oh my! I will not forget it. Would you believe that it happened inside the bus? Yes, the public utility bus you are riding in EDSA. The bus that is always jam-packed with commuters but has space for lovers…ehehe.

Rhonnel and I were officemates on a telecommunications company. Because we were both on operations department, we both have mid-shifts and graveyard shifts. His schedule then was 6am to 2pm while mine was 3pm to 11pm. He was courting me so he was obliged to fetch me at 11pm to be with me even in a short time. Every night, from Cubao, he sent me home to Pasig where I was residing. We were regular passengers of the jam-packed buses. One time, on our way home, he asked me if he can hold my hand. I didn’t reply. I looked at him instead and hold his hand. “Lub dub…lub dub…lub dub”. Those were our hearts murmuring, the only sound you can hear that time. Grabe palakasan kami! Take note…we’re not sweethearts yet. Yes, I like him a lot but I am a certified coy. Don’t worry, just a few months after, I gave him my sweet yes…and the rest would be tackled on our next C♥uple’s C♥rner themes. Wink!

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  1. Kami ni hubby sis…kilig moment sa jeep byaheng monumento balintawak dun ko sya sinagot….heheheh walang ka romantic romantic hehehhe

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