Key To a Healthy Life

Nutrition experts have always linked health problems to essential nutrient deficiencies. There’s a strong link between food intake and it’s effect on a person’s quality of life.

The following program can do wonders in your body if followed:

1. Fruit and vegetables with every meal.
2. Ar least one Vitamin A enriched fruit or vegetable such as carrot, sweet potato, spinach
or broccoli everyday.
3. At least One Vitamin C enriched fruit or vegetable such as grapefruit, orange or cauliflower
4. At least one high fiber fruit or vegetable such as apple or broccoli everyday.
5. Cabbage-family vegetables such as broccoli or brussel sprouts several times a week.
6. A glass of fruit juice every morning.
7. A large salad at lunch.
8. A piece of fresh fruit such as an apple or banana as a morning snack.
9. A crunchy carrot or a piece of celery stick if you get hungry in the afternoon.
10. Plenty of dark green vegetables such as broccoli or spinach during evening meals.

A positive outlook in life can also help. Have a great week everyone!

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