Keeping Your Child Away From Obesity

The moment you delivered your baby, there is no other thing you want to do but to keep him safe and healthy. You remembered everything that your doctor told you. You’ve been waiting for this day to come after 9 long months.

feeding a childThere is a tendency for first time parents to keep feeding their children whenever they cry and wouldn’t let them starve no matter what happens. This is the very reason why some babies look so fat. Parents love seeing their kids fat as they find them cute and cuddly. However, being fat is not tantamount to being healthy. Just like adults, kids should be fit and in their proper height and weight.

Since kids are still in their growing up years, it is just right to feed them appropriately but not too much. Fat kids may be cute to look at but they might not be able to control their weight as they grow up especially when they reach puberty.

As early as possible, train your child to eat just enough. Introduce variety of food and from time to time do not tolerate them to eat too much sweets, oily and junk food. Teach them to eat vegetables. It might be very challenging especially if outside school so much junk foods are for sale. Taste wise, junk foods are more appealing compared to vegetables, but if parents trained their child to eat vegetables at home, then there is no way they would choose those junks.

If you really want your children to be healthy, teach them to eat healthy. Be a role model and eat healthy food as well. Exert some effort in your cooking and don’t make them want other dishes outside. If your kids long your food then they would go straight home and have your freshly prepared snacks rather than buy those that are being sold in their school canteens.

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  1. Becoming a mother is never easy. From the very first month you’re pregnant, you will learn to bond with your child who’s yet to enter the world alive–to forevermore. Training and nurturing them is just even harder! So I salute every living mom today.

  2. Like the saying goes, “too much of something is bad enough.” Babies should get just enough food to be healthy. But the best way to check if your baby is healthy or not is by looking at your child’s weight in relation to his height. Minsan kasi may matataba pero nasa normal naman ang BMI. If may abnomalities, discuss the problem with your Doctor. 🙂

  3. I have very small kids at home. I don’t let them eat junk foods, at least when I’m around and looking, as junk foods can make kids obese.

  4. i think i am lucky to have such genes that I dont get fat even I got pregnant to my first baby before. I havent’ change or anything. So there’s something in the genes hehe. Though indeed mother shud teach kids how to eat veggies and bring a healthy ilifestyle at home.

  5. indeed we need to keep our child in the daily routine to eat veggies and fruits like my daughter having salad MWF and fruits the whole day also! xx

  6. One of the things I didn’t like much about home is being told I was fat. Looking and pointing out on what we eat at home, it was never as healthy as I wish it was. It’s a struggle to stock healthy food for me to consume since they eat it without asking :))

    Anyway, I’m happy my goddaughter (2 years old) is practiced to consume veggies and shy away from too much sweets 🙂

  7. I remember a young woman who with tears told a story of blaming her mom for her obesity. If she could refuse taking in the foods in infant days she couldn’t be as chubby as she was. Ironically I sometimes forced my daughter to eat more because for me she looked thin, she replied to me:”Dad I don’t want to get a huge belly!” and so I let go of myself. You are correct that we as parents must introduce variety of foods. I supplement my daughter with organic vitamins though. I like this post. Write on!

  8. Healthy habits start at home. The best way to fight or prevent childhood obesity and weight problems is to get the whole family on a healthier track. Making better food choices and becoming more active will benefit everyone, regardless of weight. And with the whole family involved, it will be much easier for your overweight child to make lasting changes.

  9. I was an obese kid. Was I brought up “wrong”? I don’t believe so. It was perhaps because I was comfortable with my big size as a child – only to suffer later on in my teen years. In the end, I’ve lost a large majority of my childhood weight, thanks to support from my parents.

  10. My daughter loves to eat just anything and she’s a bit fat when she’s younger but now she still eat anything but she’s a little bit thin, i guess as children goes older and they become more busy with their everyday life, they tend to lose weight but for some , it is still depends on the child metabolism and family gene.

  11. I don’t have kids yet. But I help introduce organic treats to my 9-month old godkid. He recently just drank a freshly blended concoction (oranges, carrots and melon). We’re actually happy that he’s maintaining the right weight for his height.

  12. I agree! I’ll follow your tips when I bear a child. I also do not want my daughter or son to be be bullied because of their weight.

  13. I can’t blame those parents who like their babies fat. Why, para kasing this the trend nowadays. But being fat is a lot different being healthy. This truth must be installed to all parents. We must exposed our babies to nutritional foods and watch their diet.

  14. hahaha. reliving my past, i dont know how my mother trained me to eat vegetables.. maybe i was afraid to violate her as i will hear her scolding me. hehehe

  15. For me, this would be a good read as parents should also watch their children’s eating habits. Though I don’t think this works on my daughter as she has a very high metabolism.

  16. Very well said. It all boils down to the eating habits of the parents or the whole family. Controlling and overseeing how and what our kids eat is a good thing to remember as a parent.

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