Keeping Children Active in Mind and Body with Games for Kids

It is so convenient for parents nowadays just to let their kids sit in front of their computer or television screens to give them something to do. Child studies and researches have found that this is detrimental to the child’s development. There are other more worthwhile games for kids that they can engage in for fun and entertainment. These games would depend on the age of the children. Of course, it would be a lot better if parents also take part in the activities.

Educational board games like Scrabble might be a great game for learning new words, but they can also be boring for younger kids. You can actually modify the rules to make it more interesting for your little ones. This game can teach your kids both reading and math skills.

games for kids

Other games that have been around for a long time like dominoes, pickup sticks, and barrel of monkeys are also fun games for kids that parents can also enjoy. Your children’s motor skills will be developed through these games. A game of charades or Pictionary can also stimulate creativity. Just like Scrabble, however, you have to scale these games down to a level that your kids can successfully manage. Not knowing what the words are or having difficulties drawing their clues could make the games frustrating for young ones.

More active alternatives help improve your child’s physical development. You can actually engage in a sport that both you and your child love. A father and son tandem can throw some hoops or go out to the football field to practice their tosses and tackles. Playing team games is also a great way for bigger families to share quality bonding time. A game of tag in the backyard is also a fun and simple way for kids and parents to get some exercise.

There are also games for kids that you can play on the road. Singing games and guessing games are great for keeping your kids from getting bored during longer road trips. Play a game of movie trivia by thinking of famous lines and having your kids guess the character who said those lines and the movie where it was taken from. Take your cues from your children. Be creative and be ready to switch things up to keep them interested. Active minds and bodies will have less time for mischief or tantrums.

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