Just When You Think it is Over

I do not see our marriage as perfect but we are lucky to always resolve things together before it leads to another, and for that I am grateful. Though I know many friends and some people who went through rough times with their relationships yet ended up happily ever after just like the fairy tales, I am not in the position to share their stories. I am glad that these people trust me so much, that they are confiding their problems with me and seek for my advice. But sometimes it is hard to give advices if you were not in their shoes.

There are numerous things we have zero control over and marriage is one of them. We always say that for the marriage to lasts, it is important to compromise, understand each other or keep the candle burning but they are easier said than done.

Marriage can be tough and emotional sometimes, however, being open, learning to listen, see and interact and giving each other space could help you patch things and be back in each others arms just when you think it is over.

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  1. wow! really? ang galing nyo naman ni Rhonnel. But you are right, compromise, willing to listen and being open are important factors to keep your marriage..and of course keep the candle burning..wohooo!

  2. Let me give my two cents worth of opinion on this. In order for marriage to survive and last a lifetime, make God the center of your relationship. Then God’s overflowing love will spill over the marriage relationship as both will be conscious of God’s role in their marriage. As they will be very conscious and wary of offending God, so will they be wary of hurting the one they love. And their love assumes a different level which is the selfless type like that of Christ who suffered death and humiliation for the love of mankind. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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