Jollibee Burger Camp

Last Sunday, May 22, RJ spent two hours in Burger Camp together with other kids. Burger Camp is one of Jollibee’s activities for the kids wherein they learn how to make their own burger for snacks. Jollibee is RJ’s favorite food chain (next to KFC) so she was so excited to attend the burger camp.

Before the burger making starts, the kids were toured in the kitchen where their favorite French fries, spaghetti, burger and crispylicious Chicken Joy are cooked but we were not allowed to take pictures inside the kitchen.

Jolllibee kitchen tour Then the kids were taught the step by step procedure how to make burger.

burger making There were also games and of course interaction with the country’s most loved mascot…Jollibee.


But what I love about the activity such as this are the values it instills among children…the importance of eating vegetables, good hygiene…

good hygiene good behavior…

sweet smile
and most of all…the value of friendship.


RJ while enjoying her burger after the activity.

eating burger

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  1. FAvorite ko rin ang Jollibee hehe…it’s nice for food chains to have summer activities like this for kids… me natutunan and nag-eenjoy rin ang mga kids.:)

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