Is Your Husband Ignoring You?

Hubby is loving and romantic by heart but there are times that he doesn’t seem to notice me…it is when there is a BMEG Llamados game (he is a big fan) and when he is reading something. There was this time that I asked him but he doesn’t seem to hear me. When I looked on what he’s reading at, it was syntheroid reviews. He said he got so engrossed because he is curious if the thing really works.

I heard a lot of women complaining that their husbands ignore them but this may not be always true. Sometimes it is us, women who are craving for too much attention. We always want good morning and good night text and the occasional check up throughout the day. We want our husband to notice our new hairdo and always want to hear compliments such as how sexy we look on a dress or how good our cooking is. If you tell me otherwise, then you are lying.

You must understand that your husband has a life too other than being your husband. He has job to think about, bills to worry about, etc. So how would you know if your husband is really ignoring you or if he is just into deep contemplation?

Your husband is ignoring you if…

  • He talks to your cat/dog but does not speak a word in front of you unless you speak to him first.
  • Answers you with one word.
  • Asks you but walks away before you can utter a word as if he doesn’t want to hear your answer.
  • Asks your children how their day went but doesn’t bother about your day.
  • He would rather be in front of his laptop than watch TV with you.
  • Tells the big news, such as job promotion, to his parents and friends before he breaks it to you.
  • Doesn’t want to hear your suggestions or any of your plans.
  • Doesn’t want to tag you along on parties.
  • He would rather be out and spend the day somewhere else during weekends.

So depressing! But you know, not talking to him in return would just aggravate the situation and will further affect your marriage. The best thing to do is to sit with him, talk and let him know how you feel. Ask also if something is bothering him. Give him assurance that you are there to listen and to support him in all his endeavors.

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  1. hmm… no comment.. nyahaha! 4 out of the 9 signs are applicable to me. waaaaah!!! and your suggestions? o well, i’ve tried them and it seems it really depends on the personality of your husband. maybe they’re one of those things that you just have to accept and live with. 🙂

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