Is Having One Child an Advantage

It will be opening of classes in two weeks. We’re done with enrollment, and everything is set; RJ’s bag, shoes, uniform, books and school supplies. It’s depressing though how much a good education costs nowadays. My neighbor said we are lucky to have only one child to send to school and because of that we can afford a good quality education. Sometimes, I want to believe that it is an advantage that RJ is our only child because there are always more for her. But is having one child really an advantage?

There are times RJ is asking for a baby sister because she feels lonely. There are also times she wants to play but she has no playmate so she is bugging me if she can go outside and play with kids in the neighborhood instead. How about when we get older? She will be the only one who will take care of us and shoulder the whole burden of our hospitalization, medicines, etc. We do not want that to happen that is why we got pension plan and will get seniors life insurance.

If only I could have more than one child, I would have as many as I want but due to health reasons, I am afraid I can’t. Life is not always fair. We are still lucky though because there are couples who have no children. Their life must be lonely and I feel for them. We may only have one child but she brings us just as much joy and happiness and for that, we are grateful.

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  1. There’s really an advantage if you only have one child, maybe for now. I feel the same way too as my daughter’s going to school this June and I would agree that it does cost quite a lot for a good education. In time, God will give you another child.

  2. I can super relate w/ your topic sis…we have same worries. before Matt used to ask for a baby brother or sister, but I guess as he grows older nasanay na din siya hehe…you are right, as an only child, our kids gets more and we, as parents can give them everything that they need w/out much worries…you’re right in getting an insurance, at least we won’t be burdens to our kids.

  3. I think meron talagang disadvantage and advantage. Advantage, financially capable of sending her to school and meet her needs. Disadvantage, she’s alone and lonely sometimes. Siguro, nasa pag-uusap na rin yan at pag-explain sa kanya kung bakit hindi pwede. Maintindihan rin niya as she grows older.

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