5 Interior Design Tips for Newlywed Couples

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Building a home is not an easy task. After months of grueling expenses and stress from all the wedding preparations, the last thing you would want is to add to this. But purchasing and designing a home is very crucial for new couples. It is inevitable. It sets the tone of the relationship, it inspires couples to work hard and build a family, and it is the only sanctuary after a toxic, busy, and mentally draining day. It goes without saying then that going back home to a nurturing, comfortable, and enjoyable home is essential. But what does it really take to build a home especially in deciding what to add and not?

Talk things over

Before you even got married, you both know that you have different personalities and preferences. Now that you are married recognizing and respecting this is essential. It goes even in choosing almost everything in your interior. If you are into like colors while the other prefers darker hues, settle with something in middle ground. Either you get a color that is a product of those two or you set areas in your home which has this or that. Same goes with choosing the type of linen or furniture. With this, both of you will be comfortable at the design of your home and a culture of open communication is created.

Be Inspired

Most couples don’t really have anything they want, or they want something but cannot fully articulate what it is they like. Good thing there are a bunch of magazines available about furniture and interior design. What both of you can do is to sit down and leaf through several magazines and put on sticky notes the things both of you like. Afterwards, select which furniture, accessories, décor, or them that works well for both of you and are feasible within the budget that you have.

Save Some Space for later

Your family will eventually get bigger. New bundles of joy will enter you lives and the order you created at home will be challenged. This is the last things you would like to happen. Take this into consideration while planning, designate a room with multi-purpose furniture that can accommodate the waves of toys, clothes and baby stuff. These are normally available at home depots or furniture store. But if you have the budget you can opt to have it customized to your liking fitting the theme of you home and the size available.

The Past is your Future

Your memories spent together are good reminders of what the both of you have been through and the number of quality times you have made. Posting them in the hallway, the living room or at your bedroom will not just bring back memories of laughter and swirl of emotions but it will strengthen the bond the two of you have. It will also be goof way of narrating to your children the places you have been, the things that you did, and other stories that you are fond of making it good bonding ideas with the whole family adding new pictures to display.

Put much attention to your bedroom

The area that exudes passion and sensuality is the most important place at all for a couple. It goes without saying that beds do not just sustain the relationship’s intimacy burning but also creates a safe space for both couples to rest after a grueling day of stress at work or business. A combination of soft mattress and soft color palette will do the trick and if you add ample lighting then it will be as if the two of you are in a vacation every day.

Building a home is not a walk in the park. As with any other familial endeavor, communication and compromise are keys to keep everyone happy and feel included. Most especially at deciding the interior of your home. Differences must be settled and agreed upon to ensure that each has an equal say to what your home will look like.

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