Inspire Kids Better By Playing Outdoors

For many of us, playing tag and running around the neighborhood with friends are the activities that we enjoy most while growing up. This helped us socialize with others while we foster companionship with other children. These days however, most children entertain themselves with game consoles, tablets and smart phones. Though there is really nothing wrong with introducing modern technology and gadgets to kids but you might want to consider the fun that playing outdoors brings.

playing outdoors

Playing outdoors brings a lot of health benefits for kids, in fact a lot of doctors recommend exposure to natural environment helps kids stay active and alert. Playgrounds provide space for activities that help children become agile and develop their motor skills. Modern day apartments and condominium units have cramped spaces that can make children very uneasy. Some parents experience issues when their children become hyperactive when playing outdoors because they have limited freedom of movement while inside their small home spaces.

Children who play outdoors, in a more natural setting, were discovered to be very imaginative and creative. Playground equipment such as slides, swings, see-saw and gazebo along with trees, a small creek, logs and stumps create a “natural playscape” for kids. With this, children are more engaged in bone and muscle building activities that enhances motor skills. On the other hand, the gazebo is used less frequently as kids enjoy being out in the sun even more.

Playing outdoors helps children to learn sportsmanship and inspire them to strive harder to win games. They learn to compete as well as get along with other kids as they play team sports such as football, hockey or volleyball. Playgrounds are also where little tots hone their jumping, running and sprinting skills. This is where they also get hurt and fall down and learn to stand up, dust themselves up and go on with their play.

So as often as you can, take your kids to a local park where he can run around and play freely with other kids. It is also a great idea to take them to eco-parks where there are an abundance of flora and fauna maintained. You and the whole family can do lots of outdoor activities together and let your kids enjoy fresh air and greenery to stimulate their senses and imagination.

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