Indoor Earthquake Survival Tips

Earthquake survival tips have become very important facets of disaster preparedness. The primary objective of the said pointers is to develop the ability to quickly react during and after the event of the said natural disaster. By developing the said attribute, anyone can protect themselves and their loved ones from the destructive effects of earthquakes.

earthquake survival tips

Since earthquakes may arise without any warning, the chances of it developing while indoors is a possibility. For this reason, it would be best to know the earthquake survival tips that can be done when this happens.

Drop and cover

If inside the house, it would be best to drop and cover under a durable table or desk. If the mentioned commodities are not available, survivors can drop to the floor and protect the head area with the use of the arms. Hanging objects, exterior walls, mirrors, large appliances, tall furniture, and cabinets should be avoided at all cost.

When inside a high rise building, it would be best to avoid glass windows and other similar architectural elements. Furthermore, it would be best to refrain from using elevators since they might malfunction or the power source might be cut while inside their premises.

Hold on and stay put

If trapped inside the bedroom, it would be best to protect the head area with a pillow and hide under the bed to achieve better protection against falling debris and other hazardous elements. Broken glass can cause serious injuries as such; survivors are encouraged to wear protective footwear before stepping on the floor.

When an earthquake takes place while one is inside a public establishment like a theatre, it would be best to duck down and stay put. Survivors should not leave until the earthquake is over. Afterwards, walk slowly and be on the lookout for falling debris or any object that may fall and cause injuries and other health dangers.


Earthquake survival tips can be quite handy for those who want to make sure that their friends and loved ones will remain safe in the occurrence of earthquakes. Such information is essential because despite the technological advancements that are enjoyed in the 21st century, earthquake episodes are still unpredictable.

Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, it would be best to become familiar with earthquake survival tips since they can help a significant number of individuals survive the said natural disaster and return to their normal routine afterwards.

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