In Red

According to Chinese Feng Shui red symbolizes fire, so red is my lucky color because I was born in the year of the fire pig. As red shows happiness, I love wearing red on special occasions like my birthday and Christmas.
Red also represents prosperity, fortune, and luck that is why the three of us wear red every New Year’s eve.
red shirt

I have three red blouses and below are my red things.

red things


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  1. Mommy Rossel ^_^ cheers tayo sa red!!! hihihi..

    dami mo ding red!! and infairness pati si hubby at ang mga chikiting!! red lover din ata!!! hihihi

    >>> Happy Girls Talk

  2. I seriously don't understand what's up with birthday and Red, when I was in the Phils,I often heard someone jokingly asked a person wearing red if it's their birthday,lol!

  3. nice red stuffs you have here sis Rossel..parang family tradition nyo na yata ang mgsuot ng red every new year.

    thanks pala for visiting mine

  4. Hi,
    Following you from GT and thx for the visit! All things red and nice, make the world better and nice heheh! ingats sis!

  5. You are all radiantly beautiful in the color red. Relying too much on feng shui and other Eastern beliefs will keep us away from committing ourselves wholeheartedly to the Lord who is the provider of all our needs. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. bagay sau ang red, kasi naman maputi ka, hehehe. may isa pa pala akong long sleeve na red, sinusuot ko kapag Christmas, hahaha! kaso nakalimutan ko i post..most of my things like accessories are black, ewan ko nga ba kung bakit.

  7. teh! you're the one@ ikaw pala ang reyna ng red eh. pra sau tong week na to ha! hihihhi

    prang ngaun ko lng napansin header mo.. u changed it ba?? danda mo teh! pak! ang laptop penk!! lavit! 🙂

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