Importance of Honesty in a Relationship

“Honesty is the best policy” is one of the most popular and most important values ever taught to me when I was a child. The same value that we are teaching RJ now. In relationships and other aspects of life, honesty is undoubtedly the best policy. It is the key as to how well you are able to relate with your partner, family, friends and other people around you.

Honesty is one of the pillars for everlasting relationship. It is not only in relation with infidelity but it also means speaking out your needs, talking openly and expressing your feelings. Honesty is important in a relationship in order for partners to develop good communication, trust and respect. Most of the time, it is confused with lack of privacy and secrecy. Of course all things have limitations and we cannot really share everything with our partners. However, many relationships suffer from deception of not being honest with each other. Keeping secrets from your partner can not do you any good. You are hiding from shadows and are always afraid that sooner or later your partner would find out the truth. Such relationships cause stress, rather than giving any pleasure. 

Being honest also based on the character of your partner. Sometimes, there are inhibitions if you will tell the truth because you are afraid that your partner would not understand. To have honesty, partners must understand each other very well. Both should not be narrow-minded and must forget insecurity and jealousy. This is important to have an open and constant communication.

Once the honesty has gone, everything follows. Your credibility is gone so is your integrity. Your partner’s trust and respect for you will be gone and your marriage is effectively over. But by being honest, it will be easier to understand each other. You can have a much stronger bond resulting to an everlasting relationship.

I can say that Rhonnel and I understand each other very well. We have no inhibitions, reservations and restrictions. We are not keeping secrets from each other. We are both aware of each others past and we can freely express our thoughts, ideas, criticisms, attitudes and share problems with one another be it about money or helping each others family. We truly trust and respect each other.

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  1. hi sis tama talaga yong post mo na not being honest in the relationship causes stress kaya di mo maenjoy relation mo coz you're always feeling guilty..nothing bets honesty in a relationship. Honesty makes relationship grow and progress.

  2. Yup, you are right about it. Ang hirap kayang mabuhay ng may lihim di ba? Wala namang lihin na di mabubunyag, kaya magsbi na lang ng totoo. Nakaka pangit kapag stressed ang tao, nakkarami ng wrinkles, kaya kami ni Rodney, sabihan talaga ng totoo. kasi baka kapag naglihiman kami, maghiwalay pa kami eh.

    I admire you and Rhonnel for being honest with each other, no wonder you have a great marriage.

  3. Keeping secrets doesnt mean your not being loyal I agree with that, thanks for dropping by at my site girl

  4. you are right rosell, I always try to be honest to my boyfriend although i sometimes hurt him for being honest

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